Expert technicians, managers and administrative staff

I.G. MicroMed Environmental Inc. conducts microbiological testing to establish product safety and compliance with government and industry-standard quality assurance standards. Founded in 1991, I.G. MicroMed remains a privately-owned, wholly Canadian business. We employ a staff of expert technicians, managers and administrative staff at our Richmond, BC facility.


We test for pathogens and indicator organisms in food, water, NHPs (natural health products, formerly known as nutraceuticals) and environmental materials.

We conduct an extensive range of bacteria, mold, yeast, fungi and allergen and mycotoxin testing, and operate challenge studies in which bacteria are added to a product to determine how well it inhibits bacterial growth.

I.G. MicroMed has the scope and experience to offer wide-ranging tests, from determining presence of more commonly encountered pathogens such as salmonella, listeria and E. coli to the less commonly tested-for legionella and vibrio. We also operate polymerase chain reaction (PCR) technology, which identifies DNA unique to pathogens in a specimen, allowing rapid pathogen detection.


Our facility is equipped with a clean room to allow sterile testing. We use pour, filter and injection methods to test sterility of your products under USP<71> sterility methods. Our customers include food and beverage industries, government agencies and natural health manufacturers – essentially, anyone who needs to establish that a product is safe for public consumption or application.

I.G. MicroMed serves customers located across Vancouver, Lower Mainland, Fraser Valley, BC, Canada, North America and overseas. We have a sample collection and pick-up service operating throughout Metro Vancouver – we can offer on-site sample collecting where appropriate, including air sampling at clean room facilities.

We have the capacity to begin testing immediately as samples arrive. But at the same time, I.G. MicroMed is not too big for anyone’s business: we take on projects of all sizes, with no minimum fees.

I.G. MicroMed has ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation from the Standards Council of Canada, designated by the Province of BC as a certified laboratory for drinking water testing.

Industry leaders rely on us for on-going testing to determine product safety.

Please contact us with inquiries about our services and any services not covered here.
See our downloads page for documents about sample submissions.

Mailing Address

I.G. MicroMed Environmental Inc.
Unit 190 - 12860 Clarke Place
Richmond, BC V6V 2H1

Tel: 604-279-0666

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