I.G. MicroMed detects and identifies bacteria, mold, yeast, fungi, algae, toxins and allergens. We also conduct antimicrobial effectiveness testing (challenge studies) that measure how well products inhibit bacterial growth. We can help you identify the most appropriate test for your product.

We identify pathogens and indicator organisms in food, water, NHPs (natural health products, formerly known as nutraceuticals) and environmental materials. These are highly regulated areas – we are an accredited laboratory, following appropriate USP, FDA, AOAC and client approved procedures.

Our facility includes a clean room for sterile testing of products and medical devices.

We also operate polymerase chain reaction (PCR) technology that identifies DNA unique to pathogens in a specimen, allowing accredited rapid pathogen detection of Listeria, E. Coli O157:H7 Salmonella and Top 7 Shiga-Toxin E. Coli.

Please contact us with inquiries about products and processes not covered here. See our downloads page for documents and information about submitting your sample.

I.G. MicroMed can provide on-site sampling and sample collection for clients throughout Metro Vancouver. There are no minimum fees.

We are a Standards Council of Canada ISO 17025 laboratory. We are designated by the British Columbia provincial government (EWQA) as an approved laboratory for microbiological testing of drinking water.

Mailing Address

I.G. MicroMed Environmental Inc.
Unit 190 - 12860 Clarke Place
Richmond, BC V6V 2H1

Tel: 604-279-0666

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